Fuels Additivation

We offer our customers the option to incorporate additives to prepare and / or improve the gasolines’ basic characteristics under the current standard (Blending).

Management of off-Spec Products

We have an interfaces’ tank for handling off-spec product.

Inventories Control

Our terminal’s technology allows flow measurement in real time, both at the reception and dispatch units, ensuring that the exact amount of fuel is delivered.

Last Mile Delivery

HST has the capacity to supply fuel to all the service stations with which it make contract, thanks to we work together with our customers to develop strategic and operational plans to reduce logistics costs in the last link in the supply chain.

Fuel's Reception

Thanks to our excellent location, we have three different ways for receiving hydrocarbons:


Unit Train


Fuels Storage

We are a strategic link in the supply chain between the trader and the owner of the service station.

HST has different capacities for different projects, which together with a safe, efficient and versatile operation makes us the best choice in Mexico.

We have the highest standards of quality and technology, in addition our terminal is developed according to the API International Standard and current Mexican Standards.